To place a logo on the website please send your image to: The logo will be judged on the requirements below. Within a few days the logo will be displayed on the website. Clearly state the name of the club (ore license owner) of this logo in the email and include a link to one of your tournaments.

You cannot upload the logo yourself. We will do this for you.

You can send the logo to  Please include a link to one of your tournaments.

Your logo must meet the following requirements:

  • The format is JPG or PNG.
  • The size of the logo is 240x180 pixels.
  • Provide sufficient white space around the logo for a beautiful result.
  • If no logo is available then you can send a picture of the club.

Which logos will not be placed?

  • No pictures of the tournament committee or any other persons.
  • No commercial messages.
  • No website links.
  • No reference to a tournament or event.