As you know by your own experience, this can be a very time-consuming trick. League Planner not only saves you a lot of time and effort to prepare a tournament, but also during your tournament it is a friend you don't want to miss. Every tournament organizer knows how hard it is to have a stack of entry forms, draws and more, and sort it all out to have a great tournament.

League Planner supports many types of tournaments. You can have as many knock-out draws and round-robins per event as you like. Also consolations and playoffs are supported.

User Friendly
League Planner is the most user-friendly software you will find. Use one mouse-click to plan a match, print a draw, show different events and more.
You can always use the built-in help function, but al your available functionality is always visible on the screen, so you won't need to read a 'bible-size' manual.

In the most easy way you can publish your tournament on the internet, so not only the players, but also their parents, the press and fans can look at all the results. All this happens just by connecting to the internet and press a single button: no difficult settings or any internet knowledge is needed.

Some features:

  • Easy scheduling, using player availability, court availability, ​other matches etc.
  • All player data visible at once.
  • Consolation and playoff in an elimination draw, or round robins with knockout finals. It's all possible!
  • Setup your days and timeslots.
  • Help is available througout the program.
  • Overview of scheduled, played and unscheduled matches.
  • Create backups for your safety or data-exchange.
  • Round Robin standings are calculated realtime after entering results.
    ​You can define your own calculation rules.
  • Re-schedule matches without unscheduling the match.
  • Schedule all matches for your round robin's at once.
  • Publish your league on the internet. All your draws and matches
    ​can easily be ​published on the web!
  • Unlimited teams.
  • Unlimited events.
  • Unlimited matches.
  • Unlimited draws.


  • Poule with standings.
  • Matches per day.
  • Match Cards.
  • Entries per event.
  • All teams.
  • Draw list.
  • List of payments.
  • Many more...

System requirements

  • 1-gigahertz (GHz) processor
  • 1 GB main memory
  • 500 MB free harddisk space


  • Internet connection
  • Printer

Supported Windows versions

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Available languages

  • English
  • Dutch